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Cipotas Crossing Borders

Short documentary 10'23''

WINNER. Documentaries category in Gender and Justice Competition awarded by Mexico Supreme Court and United Nations 2018.

Directed & Produced: Carmen Garcia Gonzalez

Filmed: South Border of Mexico

Year: 2016

Girls and young women from Central America share their experiences when they are forced to leave their home and cross the Mexico and Gutamela's border. 

selected work

Trá na mban. Ladies Beach. In the west coast of Ireland, a group of Irish women 40 to 80 years old swim every morning in the Atlantic cold waters come rain or shine. Directed by Carmen García and co-produced by Hannah Weadick. 2019.

Best shortdocumentary WINNER by Shot by the Sea Film Festival. WINNER of student category at the Women over Fifty Film Festival and official short films selection at the Dublin Feminist Film Festival.

Chica Mala. Short film. A short film about a young woman finding herself hanging out in her own room trying the act of solo pleasure. Directed by Carmen García and starred by Niamh Dixon. 2019.

I'm a student living in a hostel. Short documentary. Throughout a day Ciara Boylan, an undergraduate student, shows how is to live in a hostel when she can’t find better accommodation in Galway, Ireland. Directed by Carmen García and co-produced by Derek White. 2019.

Power to the people: Fighting the housing crisis. Short documentary. Footage from the National Housing Demonstration in Dublin and an extensive interview with Dublin City Councillor, Éilis Ryan, who greatly summarizes the current state of things.  1st of December, 2018.

Repealed BUT still illegal. Short documentary. Jamie Canavan and Galway Pro Choice marched in the Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC)  to celebrate the Yes Vote victory from the referendum but also called for free, safe, and legal access to abortion services for all. Directed by Carmen García.  29th of September 2018.

The return home. Sort documentary. Children from a indigenuos community located in Chenalhó, Chiapas in Mexico, share their migration experiences when they go back from the city. Voces Mesoamericanas production. Edited by Carmen García. 2015.

Zapatista look: Women and men of maize. Short documentary. A day in the life of a zapatista woman from Los Altos de Chiapas, Mexico, during my stay in the Escuelita Zapatista. The zapatistas (EZLN) is an anti-institutional organization of self-governence in 38 territories of Chiapas. They live by their own and do not accept any gubernamental intervention. 2014.



Interested on girls and women stories, particularly the ones that resist sexist, classist, xenophobic and normative discourses. In Mexico she worked in non-governmental organizations specialized in working with migrants and refugees and now in Ireland she lives as a migrant trying to make it in the media and film industry.



If you think we can work together please say hi! carmenelianagg at gmail.com or through social media. 

Mexico-Ireland 2019